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Sharing your blessing is life changing.

Be the next hero in your community!

Just because certain economic factors may have created an impact on giving, you should not put off your own charitable efforts. You might be surprised to know, ultimately, it might be the people who reaps some of the best rewards through their donation. Here are some positive effects of giving to charity.

1. Experience More Pleasure

2. Help Others in Need

3. Bring More Meaning to Your Life 

4. Get a Tax Reduction

5. Promote Generosity in Your Children

6. Motivate Friends and Family

7. Realize that Every Little Bit Helps

8. Improve Personal Money Management

We are proud to share our blessings with our community. We take this opportunity as a privilege and also honor. Helping someone who is in need rewards us with a great feeling. We encourage you all to get involved in your community in one way or the other. Small contribution goes a long way. It does not have to be money all the time, it could be your time, care and prayer! One can make a difference but together we can create greater impact!

Keeping Houston Strong!

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- The Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston (2018)

- Lone Star Veterans Association (2018)

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